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Lisa Maze(510)
Lisa's diverse training backgound, dynamic teaching style and competitive spirit are renowned for producing some of the most higly titled Belgian Malinois in the United States.  As an eighteen year veteran of the world of training, competing and titling dogs, Lisa's resume is a laundry list of diversity and success: French Ring, Mondioring, Schutzhund, Obedience (AKC and Rally), Flyball, Dock Diving, Hunting Retriever Trials, Herding, Earthdog and Conformation.  Her experience in a wide variety of venues allows her the unique ability to design creative training plans for dog and handler teams regardless of their chosen sport.  Let her experience maximize your team's potential.

Lisa is available for private lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area and for workshops throughout the US and across the globe.
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Our methods emphasize reward-based training and a system of communication commonly referred to as "marker training."  Marker training utilizes a word conditioned as an event marker that "takes a picture" of the correct behavior duing luring and free shaping to teach behaviors in a clear way that is easy for both the dog and handler to understand.  Motivation is created in the dog using food and toys in games and exercises that promote a strong relationship between dog and handler with the end result being a dog who is attentive and enagaged in the training process.  Thoughtful introduction of aversives where appropriate for the dog and handler is considered and educating the handler on the humane and proper use of such tools is a priority. 
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Few trainers can boast such a varied training background.  In addition to her dog sport career, Lisa enjoys hiking, swimming and just hanging out with her own dogs.  She spends all day, every day training and playing with dogs, vacations with her dogs and even sleeps with her dogs.  Lisa's passion is helping people improve their relationship with dogs through clear communication be they pet dog owners, dog sport handlers or other dog training professionals.
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